Changing the world through art, starting with a street corner


Ronzo (a.k.a ‘Vandal Extraordinaire’) is a London based street artist, who’s re-known for his subversive characters and street sculptures which can be seen everywhere in London and around the world. Ronzo exhibit his work alongside heavy hitters such as Banksy, Ben Eine, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, D*Face, Adam Neate and many others.
Ronzo is one of the 3 original StolenSpace artists and was heavily involved in the first ‘Finders Keepers’ free street art exhibition in London, which kick-started the then unknown phenomenon now known as street art in the UK.

Feat. Art Work

All Good in the Wood

In Film / Murals / Paintings / Street

All Good in the Wood – Print

In Characters / Prints

Street Gnome – Ed van Tag

In Characters / Concrete / Sculpture

Beats Pills

In Characters / Drawings / Sketch Book

Birdz – In Colour

In Characters / Film / Installation / Sculpture / Street

Birdz – Concrete Edition

In Characters / Concrete / Sculpture

Love Hate

In Characters / Drawings / Paintings

City of Ronzo Crest

In Concrete / Sculpture